Deusto hosts again on campus trainings on education for students from Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile)

Participantes en la formación para estudiantes de la Universidad Andrés Bello

22 September 2022

Bilbao Campus

In the frame of the international programs organised by Deusto, the academic year 22-23 starts with new presence-based courses (study trips) addressed to postgraduate students from Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB) in Chile. 

The University of Deusto has designed for this academic year new lifelong courses ad-hoc for the Chilean institution in line with the cooperation accomplished in the field of education between both institutions in the past years.

Almost 40 students have participated in the courses “Innovation in HEIs Teaching” and “Sports Management” implemented from 17th to 23th of September. Both programs have included the participation of renowned speakers both from Deusto and from private and public institutions from Bizkaia such as the Townhall of Bilbao, the Athletic Club and the Basque Government to name a few. . Likewise, visits to relevant centers and institutions from Bizkaia have been programmed where UNAB students have had the opportunity to gain an insight into the management and innovation experiences offered by these centers and institutions. The programs have also included socio-cultural activities, providing them with the chance to know the University of Deusto, the city of Bilbao and some of the activities it has to offer providing all in all a global experience.