Deusto at the UNIC Summer School "Aging Well in postindustrial cities"

The group of PhD students with Professor María Jesús Monteagudo

21 September 2023

Bilbao Campus

Within the framework of the European project UNIC- European University of Post-Industrial Cities, a group of students from several PhD programmes of the University of Deusto (Programme in Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development; Programme in Engineering for the Information Society and Sustainable Development and Programme in Health, Well-Being and Bioethics) participated in the Summer School "Aging well in postindustrial cities" (17-23 September 2023) hosted by the University of Liège (Belgium) and with the collaboration of five other universities linked to UNIC: Bochum (Germany), Deusto (Spain), Oulu (Finland) and Erasmus Rotterdam (Netherlands).

During these days and using co-creation and international collaboration activities, the group of prospective PhD holders has presented the situation of the ageing phenomenon in Spain. They have conducted research on the impact of the memory of post-industrial cities on the opportunities for ageing "well" through interviews with older people living in Liège and have also explored the challenges of research on this topic for the coming years in Europe.

UNIC is an alliance of ten universities from across Europe, which aims to drive knowledge development and co-creation through collaboration, innovation and inclusion for development and social impact.