Deusto, among the world's best universities according to the renowned Times Higher Education World University ranking

Deusto is ranked 5th Spanish university for its links with various institutions, and its contribution to economic growth, employment, industry and commerce.

This new recognition is the work of the entire university community

13 October 2022

Bilbao Campus

The University of Deusto has reinforced its position as one of the best universities in the world, according to the World University Ranking published by The Times Higher Education on 12 October. In this year's ranking, which features 1,799 top universities from more than 104 countries, Deusto is rated in the 800-1,000 bracket in the world ranking and 3rd non-public university in Spain. With over 22,000 academic institutions worldwide, Deusto is ranked in the top 4%-5% bracket among the world's best universities.

This prestigious ranking uses 13 indicators in five areas: teaching, research, citations, international and industry income. Specifically, in terms of its links with various institutions and its contribution to economic growth, employment, industry and commerce, Deusto is ranked 5th best university in Spain. 

Rector José María Guibert was particularly pleased with the fact that the University of Deusto is internationally recognised: "We are ranked among the top 1,000 in an international ranking that generally includes universities with a size and budget several times greater than those of Deusto". As the Rector explained, "the mission, value and contribution of a university are not exhausted in the indicators used by one ranking or another, but the fact that the Times Higher Education World University Ranking recognises some of the fruits of our university work is a source of pride for the entire university community. This recognition is the work of all of us," concluded the Rector.

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