DeustoForum examines the keys to the 'procés' by Francesc-Marc Álvaro, Daniel Innerarity, Dani Álvarez and Lourdes Pérez


19 November 2019

Bilbao Campus

The pro-independence process in Catalonia has been setting the political, social and media agenda for almost ten years: the mobilisations, the declaration of sovereignty, the consultation, the unilateral declaration of independence, the application of Article 155 of the Constitution, the elections, the trial and sentencing of the leaders of the process, the peaceful and violent protests, etc.

So much has been written and spoken about "el procés" that it is necessary to analyse and interpret its keys beyond emotions, understanding the mental and political processes that have led Catalonia to this convulsive situation. What elements would be necessary to find a way out of a conflict which, far from being resolved, seems to be irretrievably entrenched?

In order to better understand this reality, DeustoForum organised a roundtable discussion with Francesc-Marc Álvaro, journalist, essayist, lecturer at Ramon Llull University and author of the book "Ensayo general de una revuelta"; Daniel Innerarity, philosopher, professor at the University of Zaragoza and winner of the Euskadi Essay Prize; Dani Álvarez, presenter of the programme "Boulevard" on Radio Euskadi; and Lourdes Pérez, journalist and deputy editor of Diario Vasco. This debate was held on 19 November in the auditorium of the University of Deusto.