Declaration of Equivalence of Foreign Qualifications to an Academic Doctorate degree

It is up to the universities to declare the equivalence of foreign higher education qualifications to an academic doctorate degree level.

The granting of equivalence will be accredited by means of the corresponding certificate of equivalence issued by the University granting it, which will state the foreign qualification held by the interested party and the University of origin.

Equivalence may be applied for simultaneously at more than one university. A foreign degree that has already been declared equivalent may not be subject to a new equivalence procedure at another university. However, when equivalence is denied, the applicant may start a new application at a different Spanish university.

Equivalence to an academic doctorate degree does not imply, in any case, the official recognition, declaration of equivalence or recognition of another or other foreign degrees held by the interested party, nor recognition in Spain at a level other than that of Doctorate.

To request the declaration of equivalence of foreign qualifications to the academic level of Doctor and a PhD degree from the University of Deusto, you must fill in the corresponding form and submit it to the General Secretary's Office together with the required documentation, which you will find detailed on the form.

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