Application for non-official degree certificates


The University of Deusto is working on the implementation of a self-service system that will allow students to apply for degrees and pay fees online. Until it is implemented, to apply for the processing of your non-official diploma, you must fill in the application form, sign it and submit it together with the required supporting documents, as detailed on the back of the form.

Download form and instructions

You can apply by post or in person at the University of Deusto.

If you have changed any of your personal details, you must request that your details be updated by sending a certified photocopy of your identification document, or by presenting the original document and a photocopy for verification purposes at the University’s General Secretariat.

Important: In order to process the application for issuing your degree certificate, you must not have any pending documentation in your file and must be up to date with all payments.

In addition, in the case of degrees associated with an official degree (either Bachelor's or Master's), whether they have been taken as part of a Combined Degree Programme (CBP) or simultaneously, you need to have applied for the issuing of your official degree certificate to be able to apply for the processing of your Deusto degree certificate.

Some postgraduate studies include the fees for the issuing of the degree certificate or diploma in the enrolment fees. In these cases, issuance is ex officio, without the need for an application by the person concerned. In any case, if you need to request the issue of a duplicate certificate in the future, you will have to pay the corresponding fees.

When can I apply?

If you have been enrolled in the study programme you have completed this academic year, please check the application start date for each call. At the end of each semester, we need to carry out file closure processes before you can apply for your degree certificate.

The specific information is published in the Enrolment Instructions each year; typically, the deadline starts 3 weeks after the end of the assessment period in each call.

For subsequent years following the completion of studies, the enrolment period is open all year (except for August and UD holiday periods).


Approximately 15 days after the application for the diploma, you will receive the receipt of your Degree Certificate Request, which will be valid until it is issued by post, at the address you provided to us.

In any case, when your diploma is available, you will receive an email to the account and to the personal account you provided to us when making the request. If you change your email address, please remember to inform the General Secretariat so that it can update its database and you can receive the notification to collect your diploma correctly.

If the person concerned is unable to come to the University to collect his or her degree, he or she may authorise a third person to do so in writing (without the need for a power of attorney).

Download authorisation form

You can also request that the certificate be sent by post. You will receive an email to notify you that the diploma can be collected along with the application form, which you must complete and return to the General Secretariat.

Download postal application form

IMPORTANT: To be valid, once collected, the certificate must be signed by the person concerned. No notes, annotations or other additions should be made to the diploma, as this would invalidate it.


Only one duplicate certificate can be requested due to:

  • Loss, destruction or damage.
  • Change in personal data. In this case, the diploma (physical medium) that had been issued must be invalidated.

The application for the issuing of a duplicate of a diploma must be processed at the General Secretariat.


The University of Deusto is not a public university and its staff does not include civil servants. Hence, it does not issue certified copies.
To obtain a certified copy you can:

  • Go to a notary's office
  • Submit a simple copy and the original (for verification purposes) to the entity to which it is to be accredited, the recipient of the document.


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