miren aurkene alzua sorzabal

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Dr Alzua-Sorzabal (Ph.D.) received a PhD in International Tourism, Purdue University, USA. Currently, she holds a dual affiliation, to Nebrija University and the University of Deusto. She is a co-founder of Lurmetrika Labs, data drive tourism company. At present leads the Research Group on Smart Tourism Research and Innovation at Nebrija University.She has been the Executive Director of the Competence Research Center Research in Tourism, CICtourGUNE. Dr. Alzua-Sorzabal has coordinated several academic programs, among them the Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts in Euroculture. She has headed several competitive research projects and collaborated with the Basque, Spanish, and international public administrations.Dr Alzua-Sorzabal’s scope of research focuses on tourism, smart destinations, and advanced analytic. She is the author of several articles dealing with tourism and information technology. She is a board member of the Journal of Information Technology