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I was awarded a pre-doctoral fellowship (FPI, UD, 2012) in DSR group (PI: E. Calvete) and a doctoral stay funding in The Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research (Lancaster University, UK; supervised by Prof. S. Jones, 2014), from which I led several scientific publications and communications. My Ph.D (2016) involved deepening theoretical, methodological, and clinical knowledge (qualitatively and quantitatively) on resilience process and on its promotive role towards clinical and personal recovery, work-psychosocial functioning and quality of life in mental health problems and in Bipolar Disorder, which led to the development and validation of 2 psychometrically sound questionnaires adapted to a specific clinical population to assess resilience and mental health. After earning my Ph.D I was hired as Assistant Professor and Researcher in DSR (UD, 2016) on a I+D+i funded project on the prevention and intervention of depressive and aggressive behavior in adolescents. Then, I obtained a Profesor Ayudante Doctor position (UD, 2017). Throughout my scientific career, I have participated in the design and development of 6 I+D+I research projects funded through competitive national public calls or private entities and in 1 national research contract as a research team member. Interventions from these researches led to a positive impact on adolescents' mental health, decreasing the prevalence of aggressive behavior among adolescents. Thus, I have extended my research on protective and promotive factors ¿ mainly resilience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence ¿ against clinical problems to aggressive problems (online and offline peer, intimate partner, and child-to-parent violence [CPV]) and internalizing symptoms (primarily depression) in adolescents, and to their preventive interventions. Regarding scientific production (WOS H-index: 6; Google Scholar h-index: 7, i10 index: 7, 179 citations), I have published 15 scientific papers in international journals (all JCR, Q1-Q2: 11), leading 8 of these as 1st author (Q1-Q2: 4). I have presented/co-authored more than 26 scientific communications (18 oral), mainly at international conferences, 12 of which I gave as 1st author. Thus, I was awarded 1 research six year-term by CNEAI (2013-2019). In addition, I am the general co-coordinator of the MPGS (UD) and of the MPGS's thesis (2022-2023), as well as the coordinator of a MPGS' subject on psychological evaluation in children and adolescents (2021-2023), and I have coordinated the MPGS's internships (2021-2022). I am currently co-supervising 2 doctoral dissertations on protective and risk factors for CPV and burnout in nurses via qualitative and prospective quantitative studies and the development and validation of psychometrically appropriate questionnaires. I have supervised more than 45 Bachelor’s Theses (from 2017) and 15 Master’s Theses (readings from 2020) at UD (mainly in the MPGS), and I have been a member of 4 Doctoral Theses examining boards (since 2020) and of several Bachelor’s and Master's Theses. Since 2016, I have taught over 150 ECT at the UD (postgraduate and graduate courses in psychological development, evaluation, diagnostic and intervention). I have been a reviewer of several journals on psychology, primarily international. I am accredited as a UPV associate professorship and as a private university doctorate in social sciences (UNIBASQ, 2021). I currently hold an Associate Professor (Profesor Contratado Doctor) position at UD.