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AINHOA ALONSO VICARIO is Doctor in Chemical Engineering by the University of the Basque Country. Currently, she is professor at the University of Deusto, lecturing at Bilbao campus. Her teaching activity is focused on the Industrial Engineering Master. She lectures at the Industrial Chemist and Process Control course. She also collaborates with the Honors Program, an own titulation associated to the undergraduate studies offer by the Engineering Faculty of Deusto University, where she is responsible of the course Research Initialization. After receiving the PhD, she worked at the Research and Innovation division for Production and Sustainable Energy of Fundación Leia C.D.T. for two years. In 2009 she became part of DeustoTech-Energy Unit, and from 2011 she is the main researcher and responsible of the department. Her research activity is focused on the energetic valorisation of waste and transformations of biomass, the deployment of tools for environmental diagnosis, and the use of artificial intelligent techniques for the improvement of the energy eficiency and the environmental processes.


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