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Jesús Luis Díaz Labrador (JosuKa Díaz-Labrador) is BSc Physics, University of the Basque Country (1985), BSc plus Degree (1986) at the same university, and PhD Informatics (Computer Science), University of Deusto (1996). Currently he is "profesor titular" (associate professor) at the University of Deusto, where he teaches both at the Bilbao and Donostia campuses. His teaching activity is in the BSc in Informatics Engineering and in the Double Degree in Business Administration + Informatics Engineering. He teaches the subjects "Computability and Complexity", "Programming Methodology", and "Language Processors". During last years, he has been working in semantic and social web technologies, in natural language processing, and information management, and in informatics universitary teaching research, fields in which he has several publications. He is currently in the LinguaMedia research group. Other area of interest is history of computation.

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