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Marina Abad Galzacorta holds a PhD with the thesis ‘ACCEPTuR, Technology Acceptance Model for Tourism Experience’ from the University of Deusto. BA in History (Cultural Heritage) by the University of Deusto and Master in ‘Cultural Management: heritage, tourism and nature’ (Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset). Now she is research and lecturer in the Department of Tourism (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences) at University of Deusto and coordinator of International Relations at the Department of Tourism in San Sebastian.Her publications and presentations mainly focus on Tourism, culture, technology and innovation. During the past few years he/she has carried out research on Usability: Human-Computer Interaction; Tourism competitiveness; Psichosocial impacts of tourism and mobility; Tourism trends; Analysis of tourism demand; and Behavior analysis (quantitative and qualitative). Marina is part of the ‘Leisure and Human Development’ research team (Basque Government’s recognition) and she has collaborated in research projects of some European (V Programme Information Society Technology) and state institutions (PROFIT, Ministry of Science and Technology, Basque Government, etc.) in the University of Deusto from 2003 till nowadays. She is researching in Tourism reseach team (eTourism: Innovation, Mobilities and Technologies.

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