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Guillermo Badía is an assistant professor (accredited by ANECA) in the area of Accounting and Finance at Deusto Business School (Bilbao, Spain). He holds a PhD in Financial Economics and Accounting from the University of Zaragoza. He is currently the main researcher (IP – Investigador principal) of the Finance Research Group at Deusto Business School, University of Deusto. His main research interests are the performance of socially responsible investments, corporate social responsibility, firm internationalization, portfolio management evaluation, and financial risk management. He has published various articles and book chapters in international scientific journals, such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, International Journal of Finance and Economics, and Accounting & Finance, among others. He has presented different works at international conferences and congresses such as the Annual European Financial Management Association (EFMA) meeting, and the PhD Consortium organized by the Spanish Finance Association (AEFIN) - FINANCE FORUM. He is engaged in editorial review activities for journals such as International Review of Financial Analysis and Finance Research Letters. He has chaired both scientific and organizational committees of research congresses, being a founding member and first president of the BBS research seminar series of the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Zaragoza. He has received several scholarships and research awards, and has participated in various research projects, both national and European as well as international. From 2020 he is a Member of the EUROSIF SRI Market Study Committee.

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