nuria ortiz marques

Imagen del profesor nuria ortiz marques

BA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Deusto. She is currently Head of the Department of Psychology and a lecturer at the University of Deusto in Bilbao. Her current teaching focuses on the Psychology degree, where she teaches Methodology of Behavioural Sciences I and II in Basque and Anthropology and Analysis of Social Reality also in Basque. She coordinates subjects on the Master's Degree in Gerontology and the Master's Degree in Social Intervention Psychology, where she teaches subjects in the field of research and evaluation methodology for older people. Her publications mainly focus on ageing, physical activity and older people, carers and adaptation of instruments for older people, stroke intervention and neuropsychiatric disorders after stroke. In recent years she has been working in research areas such as social participation and friendly cities, health in organisations, and loneliness projects. She is a member of the "Clinical Evaluation and Health" research team recognised by the Basque Government.

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