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NEKANE ARAMBURU GOYA: holds a BA in Economics and Management and a PhD in Economy and Business Administration. She is currently Associate Professor and Director of the department of Strategy and Information Systems of Deusto Business School. Nekane teaches in different programs such as: BA in Business Administration; Master’s degree in Business Administration; Master’s degree in Competitiveness and Innovation; Doctoral program in Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation, and Sustainability. Her main teaching areas are: Strategic Management, Business Organization, and Business Policy. Her research activity mainly focuses on Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Organizational Learning. She is part of the Innovation and Organizations Management in the Knowledge Society research team of the University of Deusto.



Room: Tercer piso, edificio Altuna

Tutorials : 1er. semestre: martes de 15:30 a 16:30 - 2º semestre: lunes de 15:30 a 16:30

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15:30 - 16:30

Room: Planta3-Aulario


15:30 - 16:30

Room: Planta3-Aulario