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Eneko Astigarraga is an expert in Future Studies, Foresight and its methods, he has directed and collaborated in numerous studies of foresight and strategic planning for various organizations, territories and companies. He has collaborated with Deusto Business School as associate lecturer for more than 20 years teaching subjects related to strategic foresight, although he has also taught courses, seminars and prospective consultancy for different European organizations and institutions (EU, EG, BG, CG, ..) and some Latin American universities (Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, ...) Also, due to his rol as CodeSyntax’ CEO and as ESLE Open Source Association’s President, he has participated in different projects related to strategic foresight, free software, Open technologies, open knowledge and ICT His research and work is focused on Enterprise Strategic management focused on long term. Within this field, he is researching Foresight and Scenario Planning. Also, he is interested in ICT on its relationship with Open Source Economics. More information: http://www.prospectiva.eu/Autor

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