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I have worked in accompaniment processes related to oncological, degenerative and palliative diseases and in bereavement processes for many years. After some time devoted to this field, I turned to accompanying pregnancy and childhood. I think that the way of accompanying birth and its early stages is not so different from accompaniment in the last stage of our life and death. They act as similar pivot points and should be looked upon with expectation and respect. Below is a summary of my curriculum vitae: • BA in Psychology (Member No.: BI 03807) and Health Psychology No. 48 C.2.2. 12622 • Integrative Psychotherapist. Internationally certified by the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association (IIPA) in Grantham, England. • Continuing education in Integrative Psychotherapy with Richard G. Erskine. • Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Bioenergetics and Group Dynamics, IPTG Bilbao. • Master’s Degree in Psycho-Oncology, Complutense University of Madrid. • Postgraduate course in Palliative Care, Abat Oliva University, Barcelona. • Specialist in Bereavement with Alba Payás. • Master’s degree in Self-regulated parenting. • Training in Happy Motherhood and Respectful Parenting. • University Expert Diploma in Perinatal Psychology: Psychosocial prevention, health promotion and intervention models. Rovira i Virgili University. • Training in the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum process. • Continuing education in Maternity and Infertility, as well as in Childhood and Adolescence. • I worked as a psychologist and psychotherapist in palliative care and psycho-oncology at San Juan de Dios, Santa Marina, Cruces and Basurto hospitals. • I also worked on early psychotic episodes at the Valdecilla Hospital in Santander. • I have taught on the Master's degree in Palliative Care at the University of the Basque Country (UPV), and have also given lectures on this field at nursing homes, conferences and seminars.

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