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Marina Díaz holds a degree in English Language and Literature (Universidad de Murcia, 2007) and a degree in Political Science and Administration (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2009). She holds an MA in Political Science (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2010) and a PhD in Political Science and International Relations (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2018). She is currently an associate lecturer in the Department of International Relations and Humanities at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Deusto, where she lectures in the Degree in International Relations and the Double Degree in Law and International Relations. Her teaching is related to the transformations associated with globalization (Global History) and to political, social and cultural issues in the Middle East and North Africa (Political Challenges in the MENA region). At the postgraduate level, she teaches in the Euroculture master's programme. Her research focuses on exploring the idea of Iran in the Western geopolitical imagination in sites ranging from formal politics to popular culture (cinema, comics, travel literature, etc.). She is also interested in the study of gender from the perspective of International Relations and Political Geography. She is a member of the Applied Ethics research group.

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