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Dr. Unai Zulaika Zurimendi is Associate Researcher at DeustoTech - Deusto Institute of Technology, belonging to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto, as well as to the DEUSTEK research group. He defended his doctoral thesis entitled "Towards more interpretable graphs and Knowledge Graph algorithms" in 2022. This thesis is located in the context of Artificial Intelligence and the explainability associated with models based on Graphs and Knowledge Graphs. Graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Deusto in 2017, later completed the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering at the same university in 2019. In turn, Unai began working as a Research Fellow in DeustoTech in 2016 doing support tasks and the Final Degree Project and Master associated with different national and European projects such as WeLive (project H2020) or Foodbar. Currently his research focuses on Artificial Intelligence applied to the field of health, where Unai participates in the IDEA4RC project developing a data model and Natural Language Processing algorithms applied for data exploitation in an ecosystem of rare cancers. Furthermore, the line of research on explainability applied to Artificial Intelligence is still active, trying to offer algorithms and models more understandable to people in all walks of life. In parallel, since 2022 Unai complements his research activity with the participation in teaching activities with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto. This In this way, during the 2021/2022 academic year he taught different subjects: Intelligent Systems, Software Design and Development (both as a replacement in 2022) and from the course 2022/2023 he is the professor in charge of the Algorithmcs subject. In addition, he performs other activities complementary to teaching such as directing final degree projects.

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