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    Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport

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    Coach; Sports director

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Studies Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport (2003-2009) UPV / EHU in Vitoria, Basque Country University. Superior Basketball Coach (2010) Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) Work experience related to the job Club Deportivo Zuzenak (Adapted Physical Activity and Sport) (September 2009 – Present) Responsible for comprehensive structure wheelchair basketball - Senior Coach Wheelchair Basketball Team - Coach of the quarry and school Coordinator campaign ' No te Quedes Sentado ' disclosure of adapted sports with high school students (1,000 participants per course) Technical responsible for the management and delivery ' Adapted Physical Activity Pregnancy ' (180 students per course. Investigation team experience Exercise and Pregnancy: physical, psychological and physiological benefits in pregnant and physiological in the fetus (currently until 2019) Wheelchair basketball: Methods of improving physical training (2013-14)

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