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Francisco Javier Arrieta Idiakez has a BA in Law and a PhD in Labour Law from the University of Deusto. Nowadays he is a Lecturer at this university. He teaches BA courses on Law and Business Studies; in particular, he teaches Labour Law and Social Security. Moreover, he teaches on programmes of postgraduate and PhD courses about methodology on legal research, and he has supervised and supervises doctoral theses, including international theses. His publications deal with labour relations and social protection. He has published more than 40 works (monographs, chapters of books, essays) and he has taken part as a speaker in many congresses. Likewise, he has written legal reports for both private companies and Public Administrations. He has also translated many legal texts into Basque. He is part of the “Cooperatives, Taxation, Labour Relations and Social Protection” research team, as a lead researcher. He has taken part in a lot of research projects which have been awarded by different public bodies, including the European Union.



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