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Manuel Mª Urrutia León, studied Sociology and Political Sciences and got his Sociology PhD at the University of Deusto where he is nowadays lecturer in charge at the campus of Bilbao.He works in the area of Social Work and gives lessons on the following subjects: Estructura y cambio social; Desafíos éticos en el mundo global; Ética cívica y profesional; y Antropología Social y Cultural. His publications deal mainly with the Political thought of Unamuno as well as with the problem of religious secularisation.Along the last years has been researching on the Secularisation of the Spanish society and on the Social and Ethical problems of the Globalisation.He belongs to the University of Deusto Social Values Research Team.Other researching areas of his interest are Values in contemporary society and, also, Social change and social movements in Modernity.


Room: 374-D

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10.30 - 11.30

Room: Despacho 374D