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EBA GAMINDE EGIA holds a BA in Law from the University of Deusto (1992). From 1994 to 2009 she worked on the translation of legal texts into Basque for the Institute of Basque Studies of the University of Deusto, for projects funded by the Basque Institute of Public Administration (IVAP-HAEE) and the Justice Department of the Basque Government. In the academic year 1997-1998 she started teaching at the Faculty of Law. Eba Gaminde Egia is currently part of the Department of Private Law, linked to the Trade Law area, where she currently teaches BA courses and coordinates academic subjects. She is also part of the Board of Directors for the Alumni Association. She organizes training and employment activities for senior students through the Career Guidance Service. She also provides career guidance to freshmen and junior year students through the BIDEKIDE Project for Pedagogical Innovation. Eba Gaminde Egia has translated and published manuals for Administrative, Civil and Trade Law, along with specific civil and trade legislation. She has coedited a Basque-language manual for Finance Law. She has also published many articles on Trade Law in the Journal of the Basque Academy of Law, and recently, she has coedited a manual about commercial contracts. She is member of Cooperativism, Taxation and Social Law Research Team and has just defended her doctoral thesis “The Christian Social Doctrine and the Basque Cooperatives: an alternative for change”.



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