gonzalo grijelmo mintegui

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    BA in Law, University of Deusto

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    Partner of Barrilero & Asociados law firm

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BA in Law, University of Deusto. He is a practising lawyer and a partner of Barrilero & Asociados law firm. He specialises in Private Law (Commercial and Civil) and has participated in many business operations involving acquisitions, sales, mergers and divisions. He is also a Board Secretary in a large number of trading companies and works as a legal advisor in many others. He has taken part in many legal proceedings related to the liability of administrators and in many bankruptcy proceedings, both as an insolvency administrator and as a lawyer for debtors and creditors. Other relevant activities: He is a lecturer in private law at the School of Legal Practice of the Biscay Bar Association, where he is also a member of its Court of Arbitration; he is a speaker on commercial law at many congresses organised by APD, Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, Business Associations, CISS publishing house, SPRI (Business Development Basque Agency), etc.

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