silvia martinez rodriguez

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    Associate Professor

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    Ph. D. in Education. Master's Degree in Helping Relationship and Counselling.

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Professor in the Degree in Psychology, in the Program in Organizational Psychology and in the Master in Gerontology where she teaches subjects related to psychological counseling in educational contexts, psychological intervention in situations of disability and dependency, counseling techniques in organizations and positive aging. She is also part of the team of the University Counseling Service of the University of Deusto. She has UNIQUAL accreditation. She belongs to the Evaluation, Clinical and Health research team and her research interests are related to two of the lines of this team: 1) wellbeing and health in organizations and 2) health and quality of life of the elderly. Her latest projects and publications study the overload and health of family caregivers of dependent elderly people; engagement in organizations and its relationship with well-being; and work meaning

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