mila perez gonzalez

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    Associate Professor

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    PhD degree in Economics

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    Profesora área dirección de personas. Responsable Calidad DBS. Responsable eCampus DBS. Adjunta Vicerrectorado CUIM (Comunidad Universitaria Identidad y Misión).

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Milagros González Pérez, is BC degree in Economics and Business Administration (1994) and PhD degree in Economics (2004) by the University of Deusto in San Sebastian. Degree in University Teaching. Belongs to People Management Area of the DBS and she is accredited by The UNIQUAL as a PhD Professor of Private University on Social Science´s Knowledge. Since 1994 teaches courses in people management in degrees. She attended master projects. She is coordinator of 1st and 2nd grade and double degrees in Business Administration and Erasmus tutor. She is part of the research team called "Innovation and Management Organizations in the Knowledge Society", attended one Doctoral Thesis , defended (2009) "Motivation, job satisfaction and performance in professional nursing." Collaborate as annual speaker at the Free Chair of Ethics at the University of Yacambú (Venezuela). Research in the area of university social responsibility and competence management. She has participated in several national and international conferences and has several publications on these subjects.



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Tutoretzak : Despacho 6 en la Plnata 4 Edificio Aulario. En Bilbao. Martes de 12 a 14 y miércoles de 14 a 15. Despacho 5ª planta ESIDE. 5786.

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16:00 - 17:30

Room: Despacho 6.


15:00 - 17:30

Room: Despacho 6.