Ramón y Cajal

Programme aims

The Ramón y Cajal grants programme of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness is aimed at promoting the incorporation of researchers with an outstanding track record at R&D centers. This will be done, on the one hand, through the granting of a five-year employment grant and additional funding for the implementation of the research activities to be carried out and, on the other hand, for the creation of permanent jobs.

Grant details

Grants available: 200 grants

Maximum grant duration: 5 years

Grant amount: The annual grant for each contract will be 35.450 euros. This grant must y be used to co-finance the salary and employer's social security contribution of the persons hired each year, considered independently. The minimum grant to be received by the persons hired, which must be indicated in each contract, will be 33.300 gross euros per year.

Furthermore, an additional aid of 42.000 euros will be granted to cover the costs of the hired person directly related to the performance of the research activities, once he or she has joined the R&D Centre.


  • Hold a PhD degree (degree obtained between 01/01/2010 and 31/12/2017).
  • Not to have been a grant recipient in previous Ramón y Cajal grants call.
  • Not to be a recipient of the Juan de la Cierva-Training grants or the Juan de la Cierva-Incorporation grant, except for those who have received it for at least one year.

Submission deadline

  • From 10 December 2020 to 21 January 2021

Submission of applications

  • Applications for participation must be submitted by the R&D Centres and the candidates through the electronic means enabled for this purpose at the online site of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

  • Further information on the programme on this link.

Further information

For further information, please contact OTRI-Deiker at the University of Deusto (postdoc@deusto.es)

Documents of interest


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    Tel.: 944 139 113 postdoc@deusto.es