Research Training Grants Programme

Purpose of the programme and number of grants

The aim of this programme is to promote the training of researchers within the framework of the UD's doctoral programmes, through the granting aid for research work undertaken with the UD's research teams.

The 2023 call for applications provides for a maximum of 10 pre-doctoral grants. Consideration will be given to applicants' CVs, the doctoral programmes they join, the research projects proposed and  suitability of these projects to the research areas of the programmes and the research plans of the teams to which they would be assigned, as well as the priorities set by the UD's research policy.

The grants provided for in the 2023 call will be distributed among

  • Theses with international mention or under international co-tutelle agreements: For applications that include a commitment to undertake a theses with international mention or under international co-supervision (co-tutelle) agreement, as established in RD 99/2011.
  • Theses under a collaborative partnership agreement (Doctorate in Transfer to Society) with other organisations (companies or institutions). For theses that lead to the award of a Deusto doctorate degree in Transfer to Society, according to the regulations of the University of Deusto (Agreement 6/2016 of 13 December, BOUD 64). Applicants for these grants may choose to present their own thesis proposals which, among other requirements, must be defined in collaboration with an external entity, and provide the identification of the contact person as such on their application form. 


University graduates who wish to participate in training and scientific and technical specialization activities through the corresponding official doctoral studies at the UD, who fulfil the requirements for admission and fit the profile established in one of the UD's doctoral programmes, may be eligible for these grants. 

The following will be required: acceptance or enrolment in a PhD programme at the UD, the thesis project must form part of an active research project or one that is being prepared by a team recognized by the Basque Government and/or the University of Deusto, and the application must have the approval of the Principal Investigator of said team.

The application, approved by the team's Principal Investigator, must state which of the two thesis typologies mentioned above the candidate will be undertaking. 

Application deadline: May 5th, 2023 at 23: 59 (Spain, GMT+ 1)

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