Grants for PhD Student Research Stays - Jean Monnet Network (EUNAP) - Last call for applications

PhD student research stays - Jean Monnet Network (EUNAP)

The Jean Monnet Network on European Union (EU)-Asia Pacific Dialogue (EUNAP) aims to enhance EU’s understanding across Asia Pacific, as well as to reinforce mutual knowledge between these two regions through close academic interaction.

The exchange of PhD students through research stays constitutes an important activity to this end. This academic experience will provide the PhD candidates with the opportunity to get in contact with researchers and experts in the host institution.

They will also have the chance to improve their research skills and methods, as well as share their results, while contributing to new knowledge on EU-Asia Pacific relations. 

Who is eligible?

EUNAP network awards annual grants for PhD students from partner universities (Deusto, Canterbury, LUM Giuseppe Degennaro, Wuhan and Toyo).
Candidates have to be enrolled in a doctoral programme on any discipline (law, economics, international relations, business and administration, human and social sciences, etc) in the home university.
Candidates’ doctoral research or part of it has to focus on a topic related to EU-Asia Pacific relations.

What is supported?

For the year 2023, the EUNAP Network will award three grants of 2.700 € to support research stays of 1-2 months. The beneficiaries could stay longer at the host university, but expenses resulting from this extension will not be covered by EUNAP project.

The grant is aimed to cover travel expenses (cheapest fare) and subsistence costs (accommodation included).

When to apply?

For 2023 research stays, the application deadline will be 25th November 2022.

This is the last call for applications of the EUNAP project.

How to apply?

Potential candidates should contact the EUNAP partner coordinator in their home university and deliver the application form duly filled in.

Then, a selection committee composed of EUNAP partner coordinators will decide about the awarded candidates.

Selection criteria will namely take into account the academic excellence of the research project submitted by the candidate, the relevance of the expected outputs and the convergence with the scientific outcomes of the EUNAP Network.

Contact coordinator at the University of Deusto: Beatriz Pérez de las Heras (

What is next?

All candidates will be informed of the selection results on due time.

Those awarded with a grant will receive a document stating the terms of the grant awarded. They will sign this document as a confirmation of acceptance and return it before any money can be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Research stays should be carried out before 30 August 2023.

The grant beneficiaries will deliver a written report to the EUNAP partner coordinator at the home university within one month after completion of the stay. A report template will be provided to this purpose.


Partner Universities:

University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain)

University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand)

University LUM Giuseppe Degennaro (Bari, Italy)

University of Wuhan (Wuhan, China)

University of Toyo (Tokio, Japan)