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      Preferred areas of action and assigned teams

      Research areas

      Applied Mechanics

      • Advanced Industrial Processes
      • Advanced Materials Behaviour
      • Transport Electrification
      • Characterisation of Plasmas for Industrial and Scientific Use

      Deusto for Knowledge (D4K)

      • Digital Security
      • Automation and Process Control
      • Production Optimisation for the Automotive Sector
      • Efficient Energy Management


      • Ambient Intelligence and its use for the creation of smart care spaces (AAL) in the context of the Smart Cities
      • Application of ICT to Innovation in Education
      • Internet of the Future and its pillars: Internet of Services, Internet of Contents and Knowledge (Web of Data, Analytics and Visualizations) and Internet of Things

      Deusto Design Research Group

      • Design culture, management and strategy
      • Design and new societal challenges
      • New design methodologies and tools

      Deusto Smart Mobility

      • Intelligent Transport and Mobility
      • Artificial intelligence applied to route/service optimisation and traffic prediction
      • Vehicular communications and cooperative systems
      • Continuous positioning and positioning-based services
      • Application of ICT to Innovation in Education


      • Digital Biomedical Signal Processing.
      • Telemedicine, telemonitoring and teleassistance
      • Technology solutions for health and quality of life
      • Serious Games as therapy and social insertion

      Industrial Management and Logistics.

      • Production process and logistics Optimisation
      • Sustainable supply chain management

      Deusto Sustainable Research Group

      • The circular economy and the sustainable use of resources
      • Energy efficiency
      • IoT & industry




      Proficiency in research methods

      Demonstrate systematic understanding of a field of a study and a command of the skills and research methods related to such field.


      Capacity to adopt a research process

      Ability to conceive, design or create, implement and adopt a substantial research or creative process.


      Original research

      Ability to contribute to the broadening of the frontiers of knowledge through original research.


      Critical analysis.

      Ability to carry out critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new, complex ideas.


      Commitment to society

      Ability to communicate with the academic and scientific community and with society in general about their fields of knowledge in the modes and languages commonly used in their international scientific community.


      Fostering scientific progress

      Foster technological, social or cultural progress in academic and professional contexts within a knowledge-based society.

      CompetencesPhD GRADUATES WILL BE ABLE TO...

      Perform well

      in contexts where there is little specific information.


      the key questions that need to be answered to solve a complex problem.

      Design, create, develop and undertake

      novel and innovative projects in their field of knowledge.


      both in a team and autonomously in an international or multidisciplinary context.


      knowledge, dealing with complexity and making judgements with limited information.


      the intellectual critique and defence of solutions.