Computation and Intelligent Systems Master's degree

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    Timetables 2022/2023

    1ST Semester 

    2nd semester


    What the 3rd Semester offers you

    The University offers internships to 100% of the students who want to immerse themselves in work experience in a company or technology centre.

    The enormous amount of data that companies are continuously collecting on their business processes, from production to marketing, requires professionals capable of developing solutions for the management, analysis and visualisation of this information to help in the organisation's strategic decision-making.

    For this reason, the business world is demanding professionals who are capable of developing advanced data analysis solutions, deploying Big Data technological architectures and designing dashboards for management.

    The Master’s degree offers students the opportunity to specialise in this field through the following subjects:

    • Statistics and Advanced Data Analysis
    • Technology Architecture for Big Data
    • Business Intelligence

    The knowledge gained will enable students to take part in projects such as:

    • Developing statistical and algorithmic models Applying skills and knowledge of programming, statistics and mathematics to business processes in order to identify patterns of behaviour that help to make decisions in the company.
    • Turning data into strategic information. Mastering the use of the vast amounts of data generated by the processes to extract only important information, analyse it and draw conclusions to make the decisions that will transform a company's business in the medium and long term. 

    The Faculty of Engineering has agreements with over 40 foreign universities, where students can study the first semester in their second year of study.

    Together with teaching, research is one of every university's main tasks. We conduct research in order to contribute to the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in various disciplinary fields.

    In the field of Computer Science, the Faculty offers you these research areas, in which you can develop your career as a researcher:

    • Ambient Intelligence and the Internet of the Future for the Transformation of Society
    • Transport and Mobility for Society and Industry
    • ICT-based Innovation for Health and Accessibility
    • Big Data analysis
    • Find out about all the research areas and teams we offer you.

    If our students would like to continue their training in the field of Engineering, we offer the possibility of earning a double Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master's Degree in Industrial Organisation Engineering by taking an additional semester (4º semester).

    The Master's Final Project is worth 12 credits and is the backbone of the third semester. The Master’s Final Project is worth 12 ECTS credits and it involves the development, presentation and defence of a comprehensive professional project in Computer Engineering that must include the competences acquired throughout the master’s course.

    Aligned with the four pathways defined for the third semester of the Master’s course, the Master's Final Project may be carried out: as part of an internship (company, technology centre or foreign university) or by means of a specialisation.


    Master's degree with a dual pathway


    Master's degree with a dual pathway

     Study while you work with the dual pathway offered by this master's programme

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