Youth Entrepreneurship ProgrammeCourses and seminars.

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A new way to support entrepreneurship

About the Master's programme

Promoted by the Basque Government, and in collaboration with the University of Deusto, the Youth Entrepreneurship Programme supports the start-up of 10 new business initiatives in the initial phase with a grant of 3,600 € for each project.

In addition to funding, the programme also includes face-to-face training and individual sessions focused on advising and supporting those selected to pursue the Programme.

Once the training has been completed, those selected will have to produce and present a report on the project they have been working on.


Selected projects

Those whose projects are selected will receive an economic aid of €3,600 for the development of the project.


A maximum

of 10 grants will be awarded with the aim of promoting entrepreneurial culture and facilitating the start-up of the participating entrepreneurial projects.




Individualised advice focused on monitoring the development of each project.


On campus teaching

Face-to-face sessions will be held on Friday afternoons from 16 pm to 20 pm.

This programme is for you if...


This programme is for you if...

  • YOU ARE A DEUSTO STUDENT. Designed for students enrolled in their final year of undergraduate or postgraduate study
  • YOU ARE A DEUSTO ALUMNUS. You have completed your undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degree at the University of Deusto less than three years ago.
  • YOU HAVE A BUSINESS IDEA OR PROJECT IN THE START-UP PHASE. Technically, economically and financially feasible as far as possible and innovative in nature.

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El programa me ha ayudado a desarrollar mi idea de forma muy progresiva ya que cada semana íbamos dando materias distintas

Mireia MartínezEstudiante de Lenguas Modernas y Gestión y promotora de Newfashion

Registration until 11th September 2023



A focus on understanding what the entrepreneurship ecosystem is and should be like. Special emphasis will also be placed on public aid that encourages the generation of ideas and the development of projects and start-ups by means of a practical case study.

Review of the taxation conditions that apply to the business models of entrepreneurial projects and the different legal forms that can be established, and their tax implications.

Definition of the business model and business plan concepts and analysis of the different business models currently prevailing in the market.

Session to learn how to classify innovative ideas and learn about technological trends that can be useful in the entrepreneurial world.

Display advertising, email, social networks, SEO positioning, etc. An overview of the most efficient tools for selling your business and the techniques with the greatest impact.

En esta sesión se tratarán los conceptos básicos para la correcta elaboración del plan económico-financiero de un proyecto emprendedor

Presentation of the project report in pitch format.


Séptima edición - 2023


Fechas de las sesiones de formación:

  • 22 de septiembre - Presentación y Bienvenida
  • 29 de septiembre - Sesión 1: Ecosistema Emprendedor
  • 6 de octubre - Sesión 2: Aspectos Legales
  • 20 de octubre - Sesión 3: Modelos de Negocio
  • 27 de octubre - Sesión 4: Comunicación y Marketing Digital
  • 3 de noviembre - Sesión 5: Tendencias Tecnológicas
  • 10 de noviembre - Sesión 6: Finanzas
  • 17 de noviembre - Sesión 7: Comunicación efectiva y pitch - teoría
  • 24 de noviembre - Entrega de la memoria del Proyecto
  • 1 de diciembre - Sesión 8: Comunicación efectiva y pitch - práctica
  • 15 de diciembre - Presentación en formato pitch de la memoria del Proyecto


Las sesiones de formación son los viernes por la tarde de 16h a 20h

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