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    Computing, Electronics and Communication Technologies

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Assistant Professor at the University of Deusto and researcher at the Societal Challenges group at DeustoTech. He finished the studies of Computer Engineering in 2003 at the University of Deusto. In 2015 he obtained the Bachelor´s Degree in Physics at the UNED. On May 2013, he obtained a PhD on Computer Science with a thesis about service discovery and automatic composition for mobile ad hoc networks.He has participated in several national (mIO!, ADAPTA, THOFU) and european projects (CBDP, IES Cities, WeLive), which are related to the application of semantic technologies to AmI environments and the provision of services on mobile environments and the usage of Open and Linked Data for urban apps and open government applications (WeLive). Currently, he works in the European Data Incubator - H2020 project to foster Big Data initiatives in the EU.