UDEUSTO at the JA-CHRODIS Annual Meeting


05 February 2016

Bilbao Campus

Begoña García Zapirain and Heather Rogers, researchers of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform on Ageing and Wellbeing, participated in the General Assembly and Stakeholders Forum of the European Union Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and promoting healthy ageing across the life-cycle(JA-CHRODIS)on Thursday 4th February JA-CHRODIS is the largest Joint Action co-financed under the EU Public Health Programme to date and brings together over 60 associated and collaborating partners from 26 Member States. These partners work together to identify, validate, exchange and disseminate good practice on chronic diseases across EU Member States and to facilitate its uptake across local, regional and national borders. During the General Assembly and the Stakeholders Forum participants had the opportunity to discuss on how to promote and strengthen the exchange and transfer of good practices as an improved approach to tackle chronic diseases in Europe.