Deusto Business School Health, catalyzer of the of the fifth edition of the Health Transformation Forum


18 November 2015

Bilbao Campus

In the 5th edition of the Health Transformation Forum, held on 16-17 of November, Deusto Business School Health (DBS Health) brought together managers and policy makers of the Health Service to discuss, share and find solutions to the problem of sustainability of the health sector. The Forum arose from the need to deepen the continued technical training of this professional profile and open spaces for the development of new knowledge in the sector. It is a space for reflection and transfer of knowledge among senior professionals of the health system who have the responsibility to undertake reforms in their respective territories.

As a result of this 5th edition of the Health Transformation Forum two major contents have been identified:

  • The need to define Sustainability Plans in the different territories, which offer stability to undertake the structural transformations which currently requires the sector.
  • The identification of a battery of interventions that can be incorporated into a Sustainability Plan in any region.