Deusto and Inetum launch the new university-industry technology seminars to promote young talent in the areas of Computer Engineering and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


23 May 2022

Bilbao Campus

The University of Deusto and Inetum have signed an agreement aimed at developing cooperative training activities over the next three years. In this regard, they have created university-business technology seminars to promote young talent through the development of new proposals in the field of Computer Engineering and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The agreement was signed by the director of Inetum Spain, José Echezarra, and the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Asier Perallos.

In the new common space, professionals from Inetum and students from the University of Deusto will work together to solve projects and technological current challenges in today’s society. These seminars will include teacher training activities, the development of informative and educational content, and other university outreach activities, as well as technical talks, seminars, professional meetings, awards for the best projects, and other events that will be held at Deusto's facilities.

Experience in real projects

"Inetum is focused on bringing real and tangible value to our customers, on continuing to grow as an organisation and expanding our capabilities together with our people. Digitisation and data, although already a reality today, will have an increasing impact on our daily lives in the coming years," says José Echezarra, CEO of Inetum Norte, Group VP and Deusto alumnus.

Therefore, "For Inetum, being able to collaborate with the University of Deusto through the university-business technology seminars allows us to reinforce our commitment to talent and the Basque business fabric. These seminars offer a framework in which students can complete their training and gain experience through innovative challenges and real projects, where they will have to apply the knowledge they have acquired and thanks to which they will broaden their professional profile. Although this profile is already relevant today, it will be one of the most in-demand in the coming years", said the head of Inetum.

According to Asier Perallos, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering: "Data Science and Technology, as well as everything related to Computer Engineering itself, are currently undergoing a new revolution, both in the professional market and in academia. We are experiencing a particularly striking qualitative leap, given that the expectations that companies, industries and organisations in general are placing on these matters seem to know no bounds"

In addition, the university is also working on the practical application of these technologies: "The University is committed to closely monitoring this social progress, and we understand that in order to lead the university proposal in such a fast-moving scenario, it is essential to work in collaboration with business actors, not only with the knowledge within your organisation, but also by incorporating the experience of professionals who work in the continuous application of technical (and also scientific) paradigms to the challenges of the productive fabric.“ He pointed out that " It is thanks to collaborations such as this one with Inetum that we gain the added value that business success stories provide to our students in the classroom".

The launch of this university-business seminars coincides with the deployment that the University of Deusto is making in terms of Digital Transformation, with new undergraduate degrees such as the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence degree (Bilbao and San Sebastian), with the option of combining it with Computer Engineering (one of the most recognised degrees of the Jesuit institution, in which Deusto was a pioneer in Spain), and the new bachelor’s degrees in Robotics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and the master’s in Computing and Intelligent Systems in Bilbao.