SUNFRAIL Transnational Workshop


02 mayo 2016


SUNFRAIL (Reference Sites Network for Prevention and Care of Frailty and Chronic Conditions in community dwelling persons of EU Countries) is a European project with a duration of 30 months, which started in May 2015, organized the fisrt Translational Workshop in Bologna in March 2016.

During the SUNFRAIL Transnational Workshop in March, experts exchanged views on what an operational definition of frailty should contain. The one-day event gathered experts from the project’s partner organisations, as well as externally invited speakers, to discuss the scientific definitions and models of frailty and multimorbidity, as well as how the scientific knowledge can be appropriately translated into effective policy responses.

In parallel, Sunfrail 11 partners (from 6 Member States, being between them eVida group fron UDEUSTO), were in Bologna sharing project progress and upcoming milestones for 2016.

Currently, Sunfrail partners are working to identify good practices on frailty and multimorbidity with high potential of replication in different European contexts, and to design a shared model of reference for the prevention and management of frailty and care of multimorbidity.