Ikerbasque Research Fellow Call: PostDoc applications to the Data Scientist on Heterogeneous Data Management and Analytics


11 febrero 2019

Campus Bilbao

The MORElab research group is pleased to support postdoctoral candidates eager to apply to the Ikerbasque Research Fellow Call. This call is run by Ikerbasque (the Basque Foundation for Science) and co-financed by the Basque Government, the European Commission and the host institution where the researcher would develop his/her research.

The research group MORElab – Envisioning Future Internet is one of the largest and most successful research groups at Deusto Foundation and belongs to DeustoTech-Societal Challenges, a research unit within DeustoTech – Deusto Institute of Technology. It is recognised as an outstanding research group (category “A”) within the Basque research ecosystem. The group has a strong background in the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to middleware for embedded and mobile system in order to foster context-aware reactivity. In addition, the group is currently focusing its research on the area of Smart Cities by leveraging its expertise on Ubiquitous Computing, Linked Open Data management and recommendation and social data mining (Big Data Analytics) to extract structured data from social networks and thus enable urban apps assisting the daily activities of citizens or visitors.

MORElab – Envisioning Future Internet is currently looking for PostDoc applications to complete its research skills in heterogeneous data management and analytics. The group is currently embarked in several European Horizon 2020 projects, involving knowledge and expertise in knowledge modelling and exploitation sub-fields.

The candidates are expected to have knowledge in one of the following fields:

  • Big Data management and analytics
  • Natural language processing applied both to regular texts and social networks
  • Machine Learning methods applied to sensor data, text and images

Additional knowledge in the following fields will be considered for accessing to the open position:

  • Big Data processing infrastructures and stacks
  • Visualization techniques
  • Linked Data
  • ICT infrastructure to foster Open Government
  • Co-creation and Open Innovation approaches
  • Semantic Web, IoT and Web of Data
  • Open Services and micro services
  • User engagement and user experience

We are looking for candidates willing to join our team and help us consolidating our increasing expertise in the application of solutions around the extensive usage of data. This research group focuses on the “V” of variety within Big Data solutions. We are very interested on bringing together structured and non-structured data from heterogeneous sources, namely personal sensing devices, IoT sensor networks, Open Government Data, user-generated data through apps or social networks and even private data. The group faces the challenge of how to make sense out of data, progressing from data into knowledge. A core area that wants to be tackled is how to interpret human generated data and how to portray information to people in a more understandable manner. We want to progress on data understandability both by/for machines and people.

The following requirements should be fulfilled by candidates:

  • PhD completed between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2016 in an area related to Big Data, NLP or Machine Learning
  • Proven track record of expertise in the area, by a good range of impact publications and open source contributions
  • Experience in the execution of past projects and in the preparation of proposals, particularly European, will be valued

The candidate will integrate the project team of one of our active European projects. The candidate will actively participate in the preparation and execution of European and Industrial proposals and projects. His/her integration into MORElab team will be an opportunity to develop as an applied research scientist, in close contact with excellence research in the European domain and in the Basque industrial sector.

The gross annual salary of the Ikerbasque Fellowship is 36,000 € + additional 10,000 € start-up funding. There is up to a 4,000€ moving allowance for researchers coming from outside the Basque Country.

Candidates for this position should submit their CVs and a letter of interest explaining why they suit the requested need to dipina@deusto.es no later than Friday, 8 March, 2019.