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    Bachelor on Computer Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering, Masters in Human Resources and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Telecommunications

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    Vice-Rector for International Relations and Digital Transformation. Deusto Big Data Director.

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Alex Rayon Jerez is the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Digital Transformation at the University of Deusto. He is also the director of Deusto BigData. He teaches at the same university in the digital area, both in the Engineering and Business School faculties. His teaching and research interests are based on the digital economy and the opportunities several IT innovations bring (Big Data, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Gamification, Mobile Apps, Semantic web, Linked Open Data, etc.). He holds a PhD inComputer Science and Telecommunications, after developing his doctoral thesis in the area of Big Data and Business Intelligence. He has worked and managed several projects to implement IT innovations, Big Data solutions and Business Intelligence in different organizations. Therefore, he is aware that this is not just a technological challenge; also organizational, economic and social.



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