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Research areas: Phonology, Morphology, Phonetics. English. Romance. Lesser studied languages. ------------------------------------------------ studied linguistics at the University of London and the University of Cambridge, Shanti moved to the University of Lyon to take up a Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellowship in association with another regional source of funding (PALSE) 2015-2017. After this, he was an Associate Member of the CNRS laboratory in Paris 8 where he worked closely with a number of researchers in the unit. In 2018, he took up an Assistant Professorship at the University of Deusto where he currently teaches: Grammar (ELS), Oral Skills/Phonetics (HEC), Varieties of English (including Old English) and Contrastive Grammar.His research focuses currently on underlying forms in phonology and the relationship between morphology and phonology in particular moprhologically-sensitive phonetic and phonological phenomena. English phonetics especially in Second Language Learning (L2).In 2018 he was accredited by UNIBASQ.

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