javier tirapu ustárroz

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He is a clinical neuropsychologist and currently works in the neurological rehabilitation service at the Navarre Hospital Complex (Urbamin Clinic). He is the technical and scientific director of the Argibide Foundation for the promotion of mental health. He has led more than 400 conferences, speeches and dissemination courses on neuroscientific topics. He is the author of over 190 publications and 8 books related to neuropsychology. He is also a member of the scientific and editorial review board of 10 scientific journals and director of the neuropsychology section of a neurology journal. He has lectured on 12 Master’s courses on neuropsychology and behavioural neurology in Spain and Latin America. Co-director of the Master’s programme in Neuropsychology, Pablo de Olavide University, and the Master’s programme in Autism Spectre Disorders. Co-author of the consensus document on addictions and neuroscience of the Spanish Society of Drug Addiction. Named expert consultant for the Government of Catalonia’s plan on dementia. He has been awarded the Clinical Neuroscience national prize by the National Neuropsychology Consortium. His studies are mainly focused on the study of neuropsychology of the prefrontal cortex and aspects such as intelligence, conscience, executive functions, emotions and social brain.

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