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    PhD in Economic and Business Science from the University of Deusto

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.Emiliano Fraile Arbiol holds a BA in Economic and Business Science and a PhD in Economic and Business Science from the University of Deusto. He is currently Lecturer Lineas: 13) at the University of Deusto, where he teaches at the Donostia campus. He has been Professor at the Department of Business Organisation and Policy since 2007, and belongs to the Area of DBS Strategy and Systems. Since 1984, he has been teaching, among others, the following subjects on BA (hons.), BA, post-graduate and PhD courses: Information Technology, Business Economics, Strategic Simulation Models, and Information Programming and Systems. He has also taught post-graduate courses at the UNED and ETEAS. He has taken part as Chief Researcher in the design, creation, programming and setting in motion of different simulation models, such as: Directivo Game and Estratega Game (url:directivogame.ud-ss.deusto.es), Venture Game (url:venturegame.ud-ss.deusto.es), Sucustrat (funded by different banks) and Bank Branch Strategic Simulation (funded by the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks – CECA), among others. He is author of several books related to simulation models, such as: La simulación y los modelos educativos en la enseñanza. Una aproximación a los juegos de empresa abiertos (Simulation and Educational Models in Teaching: an Approach to Open Business Games) (1993), Estratega Game: User Manual (1995), and Venture Game: User Manual (2006).



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