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    PhD Business Competitiveness and Economic Development at Deusto University, MSc Leisure Facilities and Event Management at Sheffield Hallam University, Tourism BA at Deusto University

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    Director at in2destination Research and Consulting in Tourism; Vice President at INRouTe International Network on Regional Economics, Mobility and Tourism

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Nagore has more than 15 years experience in the tourism economic sector, from a private perspective: meetings industries and accommodation, from the public administration side on foreign promotion of Spain and US market research, as well as from the academic side focusing on sustainable smart and competitive destination management and measurement and economic analysis of tourism at sub-national levels.Her professional activity has been developed in Europe (Spain, UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Scotland and Ireland), in the Americas (US, Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil), in Asia (East Timor, Kazakhstan and Myanmar) and in Africa (Cape Verde), where she has bridged strong relations with renowned professionals from trade, meetings industries, accommodation and creative industries, as well as local and regional public administrations and academia.Currently she is CoFounder and Director of in2destination research and consulting firm, external expert consultant for UNWTO, acts as External Expert evaluating R

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