Expert Diploma in Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights

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Programme Structure

The 2022 Programme will last two months and will be held at the Human Rights Institute. Participants will have training and discussion sessions with lecturers and qualified experts from different fields and sectors.

Programme Contents

- General aspects of human rights
- International treaties and protection mechanisms
- Indigenous peoples in the United Nations
- Inter-American human rights system
- Indigenous rights and justice
- Land, territory and natural resources
- Indigenous autonomy
- Indigenous constitutionalism
- Multiculturalism and human rights
- Social dynamics, politics and indigenous movements
- Indigenous peoples and globalisation
- Conflict resolution, reconciliation and transitional justice
- Strategies for participation in international fora
- Strategies for political agenda setting
- Indigenous women
- Case study presentation and discussion

Who can participate?

Indigenous candidates representing their communities or organisations. All applications must be endorsed and undertake to lead processes or provide training on their return.

The requirements to be met by applicants for admission to the programme and scholarship are as follows:

- Be indigenous;
- Have the endorsement of an indigenous organisation or community;
- Demonstrate a commitment to developing a follow-up and/or replication plan to return to the community;
- Have a good knowledge of Spanish, the language in which classes are taught and all activities are organised.

Age or lack of academic qualifications will not be a hindrance and gender criteria will be taken into account (40/60%). Special recognition will be given to peoples/communities/countries that have been under-represented among the grantees in previous years.

Programa Alumni (exbecarios/as)


Programa Alumni (exbecarios/as)

El contacto permanente con las/os antiguas/os alumnas/os tiene como objetivo:

  • Facilitar la formación y la actualización en temas vinculados a los Derechos Humanos a los antiguas/os estudiantes.
  • Acompañar a quienes hayan realizado el programa, sus organizaciones y comunidades en el  trabajo cotidiano facilitando el contacto con docentes o expertas/os capaces de orientarles.
  • Intensificar la colaboración y el apoyo entre las/os antiguas/os estudiantes.

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