Expert Diploma in Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights

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About the Expert Diploma


With funding from the Basque Government

This programme has been running since 2000. The Programme is the result of collaboration between the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva (Switzerland) and the Pedro Arrupe Human Rights Institute at the University of Deusto.

The programme is funded by the Basque Government through the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation. In the twenty two years of the programme, more than 120 people from different nations and indigenous communities in the Latin American region have been trained in this programme, and full scholarships are offered to each of the people selected for the programme each year.



This postgraduate programme is specifically designed for people belonging to indigenous peoples in Latin America, and aims to provide expertise in human rights in general and indigenous peoples' rights in particular so that they can accompany and assist their communities and organisations in the task of defending, promoting and protecting human rights. The programme, through all its components, seeks to strengthen the political advocacy activities in which indigenous leaders participate, as well as to facilitate the insertion of the participants in different work networks for the defence of the specific human rights of indigenous peoples.

  • Campus:

    Bilbao Campus

  • Programme name:

    Expert Diploma in Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights

  • Duration/credits:

    2 months - 23 ECTS - 23 ECTS

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    On campus

  • Application process:

    Open until April 30

  • Faculty:

    Social and Human Sciences
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Edición 2022

Formación en DD.HH. de los Pueblos Indígenas en América Latina.

Convocatoria abierta hasta el 30 de abril

By the end of the programme...


By the end of the programme...

It is expected that each person will have gained general knowledge of the main international human rights instruments and mechanisms and especially those of particular relevance to indigenous peoples, with a special emphasis on the UN system. By the end of the programme, each participant should be able to provide training in their communities and organisations, and to advocate for their rights at local, national and international levels.

How to participate