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      Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development

      About the PhD programme

      The PhD Programme in Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development is aninterdisciplinaryprogramme.

      It focuses on the promotion of research and the generation of knowledge in the fields of leisure, language studies,culture andcommunication. The programme looks to promote research in these fields, particularly addressing the challenges involved in forming and developing cultural identities and their expression in today’s world, in the wider globalised plural context.



      ITS AIM

      is to contribute to the completion of academic training at the highest scientific level


      An advanced

      and broad programme to gain further insight and understand the identity and the complex situation of modern society 

      • Campus:

        Bilbao Campus

      • Programme name:

        Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development

      • Language


      • Number of places


      • Application process:

        Open in April

      • Faculty:

        Social and Human Sciences
      • Share:

      Research areas


      Research areas

      The PhD programme is structured around two large research areas

      • Leisure and Human Development
      • Culture and Communication, which encompasses the following research sub-areas: Basque Society and Culture, Communication, Language Studies and European Integration

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      What do you need to study this PhD programme?

      Recommended candidate profile

      Plan de Actividades

      What are research training activities?

      The PhD programmes feature a range of both cross-cutting and specific research training activities for each programme. These activities focus on excellence in training new researchers and effective development of  research competences.

      Research training activities include: courses, meetings, seminars, attendance to congresses, publication of articles and mobility stays.

      The aim is to create a space for intellectual encounters where researchers can develop their training in an appropriate context.

      Furthermore, these activities are programmed to ensure that students gain international experience through:

      • Stays at foreign universities or research centres
      • Completion of international theses and participation in international conferences
      • Talks by visiting lecturersat the activities.

      These activities are held throughout the training period.

      See calendar of activities


      Podrás obtener dos menciones y un doble título

      Industrial Mention

      You will participate in an industrial research or experimental developmentproject 


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      International mention

      A minimum stay of 90 days outside Spain will be required


      Further information

      Double degrees

      Possibility of gaining a double degree from the University of Deusto and a foreign university

      Academic Committee


      Doctoral theses defended






      If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.


      Grants and scholarships

      Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development

      Quality Management


      Quality Management System (AUDIT)

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      Degree programme verification, monitoring and accreditation;

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      Programme guide

      Further information