Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-beingMaster's degree

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    The overall aim of the master’s degree is to train professionals with a solid knowledge in sports physiology and nutrition , which will give them the possibility to design specific training programmes and improve the quality of life of different population groups, from people with pathologies to the elderly.

    Teaching methods

    • Text reading and analysis
    • Written presentation method
    • Oral presentation method
    • Expository method
    • Case study method
    • Problem-based learning method
    • Learning-by-doing: group and individual work
    • Mentoring method
    • Individual and/or group projects
    • Information search
    • Simulation and role-play
    • Written tests to solve exercises and problems, both partial tests taken during the teaching period and overall tests at the end of the semester.
    • Assessable oral presentations given during the teaching period.
    • Assessment of deliverables and products (projects, assignments, exercises, problems and presentations) produced by the student.
    • Assessment of the Final Master’s Project report by the tutor and the designated examining committee.
    • Assessment of the oral defence of the Final Master’s Project by the designated examining committee.
    • Assessment of the work carried out by the tutor at the internship centre or laboratory, taking into account technical and learning skills, oral and written communication, involvement, motivation and sense of responsibility, adaptability, creativity and initiative, teamwork and ethical and deontological behaviour.
    • Assessment of the internship report and the tutorials carried out by the university tutor.
    • Record of attendance and active participation in follow-up tutorials and guidance.


    Start in September 2021 (one academic year).



    From Monday to Friday, from 15:30 to 19:30 (students will be provided with a detailed calendar at the beginning of the programme).


    Academic regulations



    Academic regulations

    The following section explains the University of Deusto Postgraduate Regulations.

    Postgraduate Academic Regulations

    Academic rules on procedures for the regulation of official master's degree courses

    Transfer of credits