Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-beingMaster's degree

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    Aitor Coca

    - PhD in Exercise Physiology.

    - Lecturer at the Department of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Principal Investigator of the HealthPASS team at the University of Deusto.

    Academic staff

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    Academic staff

    • More than 25 lecturers collaborate in the Master's Degree.
    • The academic staff have proven teaching experience at Spanish or international universities.
    • More than 80% of the academic staff are PhDs, experts in physical activity, physical exercise and health, with extensive experience in teaching and research in physiology, nutrition and intervention programmes for the improvement of health.
    • The Master’s course will have guest lecturers from Spain and abroad, who will present the latest developments in the field of Relational-Systemic Psychology.
    • University tutors and and on-site supervisors will assist students in their learning process.
    • An academic coordinator will guide and advise students concerning any difficulties that may arise.