Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-beingMaster's degree

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    Physiology Laboratory at the University of Deusto


    Students on the Master’s will do supervised professional or research internships (6 ECTS/150 hours), which will enable them to:

    • Acquire specific professional or researchskills in the field of physiology and physical exercise for health and well-being.
    • Facilitate the integration and application of all the competences acquired throughout the Master's degree itself.

    Where will I be able to work?

    Career Opportunities

    The main purpose of this master's degree is to prepare professionals in physical activity, sport and health sciences to be able to carry out physical exercise interventions in healthy populations and those with pathologies for the health and well-being of these populations.

    These interventions may be carried out in:

    • Specialised fitness centres.
    • Multidisciplinary health centres (physiology clinics, physiotherapy or private or public health centres).
    • Individualised training.
    • University research laboratories.

    The physiological study of the effects of physical exercise on health and well-being will be studied in depth so that these professionals will have specific academic training that will help them to be competitive in the world of work and be able to form part of multidisciplinary teams.

    Academic options

    This Master’s degree has been defined as one of the ideal entry routes to the PhDprogramme in Health, Well-being and Bioethics.