Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-beingMaster's degree

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    Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-being

    About the Master’s degree

    The Master’s Degree in Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-Being is focused on preparing physical activity and sports professionals who will be able to develop their professional careers in the health and well-beingsector.

    This Master’s Degree will train professionals with solid knowledge in sports physiology and nutrition that will give them the possibility to design specific training programmes and improve the quality of life of different population groups, from people with pathologies to the elderly.

    These professionals will be able to evaluate, design and deploy physical activity programmes aimed at improving the health and well-being of different population groups.

    This Master’s Degree will provide advanced and specialist training for students to become specialists in physical activity for health and researchers in this area of knowledge. This is one of the areas included in the general guidelines established as objectives and functions of the degree programme in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.


    It is designed for

    People with a university degree interested in the field of physical activity and health. 


    Practical training

    Students will be able to carry out supervised professional or research internships (6 ECTS/150 hours).

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

    • Programme name:

      Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-being

    • Duration/credits:

      1 academic year - 60 ECTS

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    • Number of places


    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Extraordinary admission period closed

    • Faculty:

      Education and Sport
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    2022-2023 ACADEMIC YEAR


    From 26 July to 25 August will be open a new extraordinary application period for those master's degrees with last places available.

    Find out about the steps to follow to complete your application through the virtual office.

    Student profile

    It is recommended that candidates applying for the Master's degree have the following characteristics :

    • An interest in the field of physical activity and health.
    • Hold an official bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification, especially in the field of physical activity and health.
    • A Knowledge of English, both oral and written, equivalent to B1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is recommended.
    • A language certificate (B1 or higher) would be an asset.
    • Students, Spanish or foreign, with a great capacity for work, a committed attitude to the teaching-learning process, intellectual rigour and motivation to care for people.
    • A strong ethical sense, a vocation for service to society and a commitment to upholding the basic rights and values of a culture of peace and democracy,
    • An adequate level of self-knowledge, maturity and the ability to form interprofessional relationships.
    • A capacity for work, continuously striving to achieve the goals set and the ability to work under pressure at certain times.
    • Research interest in solving people's health problems. A willingness to accept scientific methodology as the main form of knowledge of life phenomena.

    The qualifications that give access to this master's degree are official degrees in the field of physical activity and sport, as well as degrees in the field of health sciences (medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, etc.).

    It can also be accessed from official degree programmes in the field of health equivalent to a university degree that accredits previous training in the field of health and physical activity.

    For any degree mentioned above or similar qualification, the Master’s Admission Committee will assess whether the candidate’s entry qualification meets the necessary requirements.

    Admission to the degree programme is the responsibility of the Master’s Admission Committee and their decision is final. To make a decision on admission, the Admission Committee will assess the supporting documentsprovided by the applicant:

    • Application form
    • Full curriculum vitae.
    • A full academic transcript of the qualifications granting access to the degree programme

    Students with special educational needs require a report from the Curriculum Adaptation Unit and the Social Action and Inclusion Service at the University of Deusto to ensure the same rights and opportunities for access and the acquisition of key competences to attain the qualifications.

    The graduate profile defined for this Master’s degree is that of a professional with the following characteristics:

    • By acquiring a solid knowledge in physiology and physical exercise , be able to design specific training programmes and improve the quality of life and well-being of different population groups, including people with different pathologies or elderly people.
    • The ability to adapt and work in multidisciplinary teams through critical thinking, personal reflection in complex situations, an ethical and responsible perspective, as well as the ability to communicate their conclusions and the knowledge underpinning them.
    • Have the necessary research skills to embark on a research career in a doctoral programme.

    Teaching Quality

    The master’s degree is taught by an appropriate combination of university lecturers and leading external professionals

    Why study this Master’s degree?

    Physiology Laboratory at the University of Deusto

    Why study this Master’s degree?

    Our aim is to deepen knowledge of health and physical well-being by training specialist professionals and researchers who can develop their work in this field and/or who can continue their research path by joining doctoral programmes.

    As far as the labour market is concerned, we know that this profile has a great future, as there is consensus on the beneficial aspect that physical activity has on the physical, psychological and social health of sports enthusiasts. One example is the inclusion in the constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO) of the definition of health as not only the absence of disease, but also the enjoyment of good health in the biopsychosocial dimension. 



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    Physiology and Physical Exercise for Health and Well-being

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