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      School Administration

      The Master’s degree in

      Educational systems have undergone continuous reforms that have made teaching and management complex tasks on today's education scene. As a result, school managers have been required to deal not only with administrative tasks and human resources management, but also with those related to representation, planning, coordination, control/assessment, human relations, community integration, pedagogy and innovation promotion. For the above reasons, the Master´s degree in School Administration seeks to equip students with the necessary training to carry out managerial tasks.

      It mainly focuses on the difficulties faced by those responsible for managing schools when planning long-term training programmes, as they cannot be absent from the schools they run for long periods of time.


      Official and taught fully online

      The programme is conducted entirely online. It is taught jointly by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Deusto, and is managed by the University of Deusto. The degree is awarded by both universities.


      Entry to PhD programmes:

      This official recognised Master's degree allows access to the PhD in Education for those graduates who wish to continue their studies and research on education.

      • Campus:

        Virtual campus

      • Programme name:

        School Administration

      • Duration/credits:

        1 year - 60 ECTS

      • Language


      • Programme type

        Online Part-time or full-time.

      • Application process:

        Application process open

      • Faculty:

        Psychology and Education
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      Why study at Deusto?

      5 reasons to choose us


      The programme focuses on combining theory and practice of school administration.


      It centres on the educational reform requirements and school managers’ concerns.


      It is respectful with the participants’ different situations.


      It is taught online with ongoing support so that participants are in constant contact with their action contexts.


      It has been jointly planned and developed by lecturers from several institutions.




      Main aims:

      • Update knowledge about educational organisations and the new existing procedures to manage them.
      • Provide tools to promote organizational changes.
      • Provide participants with a certificate to perform management tasks.
      • Promote exchanges in management issues.

      Master's degree in School Administration

      Student profile

      Candidate profile

      The programme is for Bachelor’s or licenciatura degree holders who are interested in the organization, administration and management of schools and educational centres in today's changing world.  

      The following characteristics will be highly valued for admission to the programme:

      • A positive attitude to interpersonal relationships.
      • Awarenessof others’ needs.
      • Good communicative competence.

      Graduates of the Master’s degree in School Administration have the profile required to work in their professional field, and are capable of competently fulfilling the following duties:

      • Management of educational centres, mainly at the non-university level
      • Management of training-related institutions
      • Teamleadership 
      • Institutionalassessment from the managerial and teaching point of view

      A long-standing tradition in education

      The Faculty of Psychology and Education has a long-standing tradition of expertise in the Education field.






      If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.




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